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Yeah, I had an interview today and it looks positive. Starting next week, asap.
In a kindergarten : D

Yeah, I was quite amazed that they took me, tattooed and pierced ex serviceman with a hearing injury, to look after children under 3 to 6 years. But it probably has something to do with me finding one of the workers debit card some time ago. I guess it pays back now.

I admit, looking after children isn't probably my cup of tea, but it's something. 


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You can call me Joe
I'm just a lonely closet brony. I study arts, make music, have my own art projects and every now and then I have the time to draw some pony stuff. I used to have a teeny tiny drinking problem but that's in the past now. I hope so. Anyway, that's the deal with the name.
I use Indian ink and nibs in my works, hatching and cross-hatching is the technique. Watercolors too sometimes. But I want to highlight the fact that I don't work digitally, even though some might think so.

I made a song, go and check it out…

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hey how have you been? I remembered your name after a year and felt like seeing whats up.
Hey there. Uh, remember that pony picture you drew a long while ago with Twi and Spike titled Forgotten? Do you remember me telling you that it inspired me to write a story based of what I thought might have lead up to the picture? Well I've just re-written/modified the heck out of my pony fan-story based off your picture and now it's not related to my little pony with a rather different story.

However it still has the same feel as what I got from your picture. I'm trying to get my short story published and I was wondering if you would maybe be up to doing a commission so my shortstory has a cover art for it.

I was hoping I would pay and you would create an image kind of like the Forgotten image but without all the Hasbro copyright characters in it. Then I would have an image of my own I could use for the cover art of my story without worrying about getting sued by a corporate juggernaut like Hasbro. So I'm asking: Will you take my commission?
I don't know if you remember me but one of your pictures inspired me to write a story and I am still a fan of you're work. I don't know if this means anything to you but I'm letting you know I'll miss ya. Sorry you have to go.
FlutterYay56 Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love that you chose to do traditional work. You are really talented! I'm amazed!
Your art style is fantastic. I would say the best, but no style is the best. Also, no Vinyl?
IWillMissThisWorld Jun 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Has anyone ever told you that you're amazing? I just wondered, since your style is amazing, your clearly a very inspired person, I know from personal experience that you're a very inspirational person, and you have the most incredible emotional resilience I have ever seen. I only found out about you and your struggle today, and already you have my undying respect as a artist and as a person. I hope you find happiness soon.
Just in case you haven't been told already, I'll tell you now.
You are amazing.
Speaking about your technique... When exactly do you do the coloring? As the very last step? One would think that the watercolour would smudge the ink. Also, it looks as if the ink was painted over the color.
Do you make rough sketches, fill the pony-shapes with colour and then draw with ink?
Welcome to :iconmlp-fim-union:! We hope you enjoy yourself here!
Thank you very much. It's my pleasure
No problem! You're welcome!:)
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