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August 11, 2012
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Above the Giants by SmellsLikeBeer Above the Giants by SmellsLikeBeer
It's been quite silent for a few days. I've been sick so I've just slept almost all the time. Then I went back to the old summer cottage where I had left most of my stuff and took them to my new home (: I also found my watercolors (:

The difference between a masterpiece and the most awful work isn't very big, you know? One small mistake and your masterpiece is ruined. When you draw with ink, that is. It's much easier with computer when you can save every now and then (Hear the bitterness in my voice while I write [what?]).
I started to cross-hatch too much. Then I spent hours trying to save the drawing but it didn't help much. I can't stand this one, it's terrible. I almost hate it, but it would be even more frustrating to just throw the drawing away. So I decided to submit this anyway in case that someone might like this. Enjoy.

And also wait for tomorrow. I have another drawing coming asap.
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FromOnettTwoThreed Aug 21, 2013  Student General Artist
not a brony but this is a great drawing. i love all of your hatching
I like it VERY much! :meow:
What if the world was all a sleeping giant's dream...
It's awesome! Thank you for uploading it, and not tossing it!
Blazinbutcher Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I really love this style and gratz on eqd consider yourself watched
You can never avoid a mistake all of the time, so what you do is work with it. Make it seem like you meant to do that, etc. You should go on Youtube and watch some Bob Ross. Sure, you're not painting but some things he says can be helpful.

Dashie seems stunning in this, along with the vastness of the distance.
Amazing texture, and your work in the shading is awesome. But the part I like more is the contrast between the colorful Dashie and the black&white landscape.
[and the way yu make the feathers is... amazing!!!]
Wow~ I love all the tiny details on her wings and the background.
As a whole, the drawing is beautiful, but I gotta say, the wings are actually pretty... uncanny to watch, since the appendage that joins them with RD body looks too skeletal, and the feathers themselves, although beautifully detailed, feel too out of place in comparison with the rest of the piece.

Still, is not nearly as terrible as you make it sound :)
Lou-Sifer Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok so here is the thing. Not eveypoby gets to be on my best list but you most certailnly did it. I can not explane why I love this pice so much But I just know I do. The way you only color her mane is just so... Well I don't even know how to explane it. Just great. Keep it up. Martin is out of here.
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