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August 12, 2012
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The Last Screening by SmellsLikeBeer The Last Screening by SmellsLikeBeer
So, this is the last drawing in the untitled series of ponies in our empty, abandoned world. So there's five of them altogether. Gotta come up with another motive soon.

I know a lot of people aren't satisfied because there are pictures of humans here and there in the series, like the human torso mannequins or newspaper pictures of people, or like this huge movie poster of a fictional movie (David Bowie reference though!) So I was a bit hovering between if I should or should not draw a man in the poster. But since it was up to me only, I decided to draw it anyway. Come on, it's just a poster. "People who hate will be hating" or how was it?

Anyway, I was a bit tired to draw Rarity's hair, so I decided to go the easy way with the "wet-mane-Rarity" thing. I also think it fits better in the mood than the curled hair. Rarity is also a real pain in the ass to paint by the way. It's really easy to buck up everything 'cos she's so white. Too much color and it's ruined. But I'm quite satisfied with this, say what you say (:

Links to the other parts of the series:
Pinkie: [link] Fluttershy: [link] AJ & RD: [link] Twilight: [link]
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penguindf12 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
Who knows? Not me. I never lost control....
dreamingnoctis Featured By Owner May 15, 2013

The world needs more Pony/Bowie crossovers.

You know, a lot of your depictions of cities, especially these and your Manehattan works, remind me of the downbeat 70's films that depicted New York as a crime-ridden slum.
TheArtisticPony Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Rarity would be happy when she can't find a certain type of fabric in this place.

I'd watch the movie, "The Man Who Sold the World". Sounds good.
crazydiary86 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
If this picture haven't a human image, it can remember me "Fallout: Equestria"
Alex-sama Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
The way that Rarity seems both perplexed and a bit appalled by the abandoned theater matches perfectly with the rest of the picture. Great shading and love the style. *Fav
stickman00 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
Humans in a human world?! the atrocity!
Jrakob Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
this would be about 20% cooler if you drew some rain in it. also I dont mind that humans are in it. never been a big issue for me:D keep up the good work.
Count-KraumBurger1 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
saw this on EQD, awesome!
CresentBladedBrony Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
This is really awesome. I love this style. Rarity looks just a tad confused. XD
SakioKurosawa Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
does it matter what other people think, probably some douches that just see the pic without reading the description, and even if they read the think they just want to make you feel bad, I know when someone say something bad about your work, it hurts and it hurts a lot, why because what we do is put our souls on that piece of paper, we are not painting fruits or landscapes to mask our selves,we print a emotion and we express ourselves in the pictures, I believe that's the reason we are sensitives when someone say something distasteful.
anyways the picture is gorgeous love the white of the skin is so delightful, I think I'm the man who sold the world, BTW I'm still reading that manga you send me is freaking awesome. :D
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